It's here! Give to the Max 2016!

Well, today's the day! If you donate today at GiveMN.Org, there's a chance that the NSSDC can be drawn for a 'Golden Ticket' in which case that organization will receive a large cash donation!

So far, the site has had to process over $1.1 million! But because of the amount of traffic, they've had to switch to a much simpler site to do donations! Just go to and type in "North Star Sled Dog Club" as the orginsation that you want to give to, fill in the rest of the information, and you're done!

It's time to #GiveToThe Max!

It's that time of year again!

Support the NSSDC and submit a donation through Give To The Max. They give out prizes every year and have the occasional 'Golden Ticket' which is the chance to win an additional $1000 donation to the club!

Announcing Winter Warrior Race!

Come one, come all to the Winter Warrior Race at Camp Ripley!

Visit for more information and to sign up! If you have any questions, please email!

Hope to see you there!

Events added!

We've updated our event schedule!

Please visit our Events Page for more information.

NSSDC Annual Fall Fun Run!

Where: Little Isabella River Campground

When: Oct 28-30th
Details: Last year we stayed at the McDougal Lake Campground 15 miles west of our new location. After talking to the Forest Service they would prefer we use this campground so that we can run dogs straight from the truck onto Forest service roads. Seems like a fair concession to make and 15 miles less to drive!
The campground has 11 permanent sites and room for overflow parking so plenty of spots for tents and trucks. All dog training will leave from the east side of the campground. Depending on miles you're looking at running plan on lollipop style runs similar to last year.
Cost- $15 per campsite, $6 if parked in overflow.
**Same as last year plan on hauling water. With the possibility of freezing temps Forrest Service shuts off water Oct 1st.**
The Fall Fun Run will also be our Fall Meeting (Sat at Noon). Come for the weekend or come for the day we look forward to kicking off the new season with you!

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