New Board members elected!

After a successful Summer Meeting please give a warm welcome to the new NSSDC Board of Directors:

President: Erin Becker
Vice President: Darcy Stanley-Nord
Secretary: Chanda Giem
Treasurer: Andrew Becker
Technology Officer: Brian Oanes
Tugline Editor: Renee and Joe Casey

Huge thanks to our outgoing president Allison Petell for all you've done for the club!

Our 2017/18 Event Calendar will be posted soon! Also remember to update your membership information and 2017 dues if you would like to receive the Tugline.

NSSDC Summer Meeting

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Winter Warrior Race Update: Please read!

Alright Folks,

I was really hoping I didn't have to type this yet again. But here goes:

As a Race Commitee we have taken into account the snow (or lack there of) on the trails, and the immediate upcoming forcast. Little Falls is slated for 1-3 today (it is not currently snowing so that's highly debatable) and then above freezing temps with rain all weekend. Without a heavy snowfall in the works to follow all that rain and ice it is in the best interest of mushers and dogs that we cancel the 2017 Winter Warrior Event.

We could have waited to decide until this weekend but it's not fair to our numerous volunteers and those who travel any large distance to hold out. Hopefully now everyone has time to make alternative plans.

Emails have gone out to all registered teams, and refunds have already been issued.

Thank you to our sponsors who stick with us year after year of less than ideal conditions!

If anyone has any questions regarding our decision please contact me at or

Thank you,
Erin Becker

Mid-Minnesota 150 Sled Dog Race

The 29th Annual Mid-Minnesota Sled Dog race is coming again to Outing, MN!

Cost ranges between $35 and $50.

Visit the "Race HQ" section for more information or Click Here to go directly to the Race HQ Page.

It's here! Give to the Max 2016!

Well, today's the day! If you donate today at GiveMN.Org, there's a chance that the NSSDC can be drawn for a 'Golden Ticket' in which case that organization will receive a large cash donation!

So far, the site has had to process over $1.1 million! But because of the amount of traffic, they've had to switch to a much simpler site to do donations! Just go to and type in "North Star Sled Dog Club" as the orginsation that you want to give to, fill in the rest of the information, and you're done!

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